Beef Dishes

B1        Beef with Mixed Vegetables                      

B2        Beef with Broccoli                                     

B3        *Hot & Spicy Beef (mild, medium or hot)  

B4        Beef with Green Pepper                             

B5        Beef with Sweet and Hot Pepper              

B7        *Curry Beef (mild, medium or hot)              

B8        Beef with Pea Pods                                    

B9        Beef with Cashews and Diced Vegetables 

B10      Beef with Bean Sprouts                              

B11      *Five Spice Beef (mild, medium or hot)      

B12      Beef Chow Mein (Vietnamese Style)        

B13      Beef Lo Mein                                           

B15      Beef Fried Rice                                         

B17      Beef and Potatoes                                  

B18      *Kung Pao Beef (mild, medium or hot)   

B19      Beef with Asparagus

B20      Beef with Baby Bok Choy                               


* Hot and spicy items can be altered to you taste

* Five Spices: anise, cinnamon, coriander, cumin and garlic  



















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